Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet Module – Ping Test from PC to Arduino

ENC28J60 Ethernet Module

ENC28j60 is a low cost Ethernet chip. It contains Ethernet PHY layer and MAC layer. The IP layer and TCP layer (TCP/IP stack) are implemented in software. The data-rate of ENC28j60 is limited to 10 Mbps. In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the ENC28J60 module with Arduino.

ENC28J60 module

To use this module with Arduino, I will use EtherCard library. I will use this library to make a simple code on Arduino, so a PC that connected to network can do a ping test to the Arduino. First thing to do is to connect the module to Arduino using the connection below.

ENC28J60 Arduino wiring

Example Code

This is example code for doing a ping test from PC.

To do a ping test from PC to Arduino, you must configure the IP address of the PC. I use this setting for my PC.

PC IP address

After setting IP address for the PC, you can do a ping test from cmd. This is the result.

Ping result


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