STM32F103 LL Tutorial 1 – Software Tools Installation

STM32 LL Library

STM32 Low Level (LL) library is a new library for programming the STM32 series. The LL library offering a fast light-weight expert-oriented layer which is closer to hardware than the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) library. The LL and HAL are complementary and cover a wide range of applications requirements. You can mix LL code with HAL code. You can select how each peripheral will be handled, i.e. with LL or HAL. For example, you can use LL for light-weight peripherals such as GPIO or UART, and use HAL for peripherals that need heavy software configuration such as USB or Ethernet. The LL library can also be used in standalone mode (without HAL library). The LL library works by writing directly into the peripheral registers, therefore the code is more efficient and compact. The LL library replaces the Standard Peripheral (SPL) library, which has been discontinued by ST. On the other hand, the HAL library is less efficient than the LL library, but allows easy code migration between various STM32 series. Both of the LL and HAL can be generated by using STM32CubeMX.


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STM32F103 SPL Tutorial 8 – Interfacing Unipolar Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movements. In this tutorial, I will explain how to control a unipolar stepper motor using STM32F103 microcontroller. If you don’t know the basic of the stepper motor, I suggest you to read this post. To interface a stepper motor from a microcontroller, we can’t directly drive it with GPIO pins because GPIO pins have maximum current that can sink or source from it. To overcome this problem, we can use driver circuit. The driver circuit for unipolar stepper motor can be built by using 4 transistors to drive large current to the 4 wires of a stepper motor. It also can be built with ULN2003 IC. This is the circuit for driving a unipolar stepper motor from STM32F103 by using ULN2003 IC.

Stepper driver

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STM32F103 SPL Tutorial 7 – Interfacing LCD16x2


LCD16x2 is a popular display module and commonly used in various devices. In this tutorial, I will explain about how to use LCD16x2 with STM32F103 microcontroller. If you want to know the detail how LCD16x2 works, you can follow this tutorial. To interface the LCD with STM32F103, you need the library files (lcd16x2.h and lcd16x2.c). You can get the library files and from here.

STM32F103 LCD16x2

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